Optimising NG-BLU’s commercial flow and product portfolio

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NG-BLU Networks is an infrastructure independent Internet Service Provider (ISP). NG-BLU is a Dutch company with 2 offices in the Netherlands; in Alkmaar and Meppel and have about 50 people staff.

They deliver high quality internet, IPVPN-, SD-WAN-, Security- and IP-phone services that they build and manage themselves. Next to standard services, NG-BLU Networks is specialised in the delivery of customized and tailor-made solutions. 
They manage their own backbone and Voice platform and have interconnects with the most important infrastructure-providers (like KPN, Delta, Vodafone, etc) in the Netherlands


At the beginning of 2022, NG-BLU was going through a major turnaround due to double-digit revenue growth. To professionalize the management of NG-BLU, they asked Sound to support the following:

  • To improve and professionalize their commercial flow: getting a clear insight into the performance of their current product portfolio and, based on data, optimizing this.
  • To optimize NG-BLU’s internal processes, including the customer journey from receiving a request from a client to delivering a tailor-made solution, covering all processes and steps in between.


Sound provided an operational Product Manager, from the beginning till the end of 2022.
The Product Manager’s activities included:

  • Identifying current processes and improving them
  • Business Intelligence: set up and analyzing via PowerBI
  • Simplifying the product structure
  • Elaborating on the service landscape


Driven by data, Sound was able to gain insights into the current commercial flow and current processes and to structure and optimize these in a commercial more interesting way.


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