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About Sound in European Funded Projects

Welcome to Sound, your strategic partner in European funded projects, including prominent programs like Horizon Europe and EIC.

As an expert team of consultants, business developers, innovation coaches, and project managers, we play a vital role in ensuring that projects hit the sweet spot between feasibility, desirability, and viability, all while centering our approach around Human-Centered Design.

Currently, we are involved in in exciting Horizon Europe-funded projects, XReco, serving as Work Package Leads for impact maximization and exploitation.

Sound's Approach to Feasibility, Desirability, and Viability

At Sound, we understand the delicate balance required to make European funded projects successful. As such we specialize in finding common ground between feasibility, desirability, and viability—the essential Human-Centered trio for project success. Our approach ensures that European projects hit the sweet spot where innovations are not only technically feasible but also create solutions that people genuinely desire while being economically viable.

We meticulously analyze the feasibility of each project, employing rigorous analysis and leveraging our deep knowledge in technology and business development. At the same time, we emphasize desirability, understanding user needs and preferences, and co-creating solutions that resonate with them. Finally, we assess viability, making sure the project aligns with market dynamics and is financially sound.

Moving from Exploration to Exploitation

Sound isn’t just about conceptualization; about turning ideas into reality. Our journey from exploration to exploitation involves thorough research, in-depth analysis, and active engagement with people and the market. We invite stakeholders to co-create value propositions, understand their pain points, and collaborate on user-centric solutions and business models that translate ideas into successful products and services based on state-of-the-art technical developments.

Impact Maximization and Work Package Leadership

Sound has a track record as an expert in maximizing the impact of European funded projects. Our team consists of experts in creating solutions that fit the needs of users, customers, and the market. As such we excel in creating user-centric solutions that are not only technically sound but also highly valuable in the real world, ensuring your project has the impact it deserves.

How Sound Fits Your Needs

We are dedicated to addressing user requirements, identifying customer demands, and aligning with market dynamics, Sound has a proven track record of delivering results that resonate with stakeholders.

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