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About Sound in European Funded Projects

Welcome to Sound, your strategic partner in European funded projects, including prominent programs like Horizon Europe and EIC.

As an expert team of consultants, business developers, innovation coaches, and project managers, we play a vital role in ensuring that projects hit the sweet spot between feasibility, desirability, and viability, all while centring our approach around Human-Centered Design.

Currently, we are involved in an exciting Horizon Europe-funded project, XReco, serving as Work Package Lead for impact maximization and exploitation.

Our approach to success​

At Sound, we understand the delicate balance required to make European-funded projects successful. As such we specialize in finding common ground between feasibility, desirability, and viability—the sweet spot of Human-Centered design for project success.  

Our approach ensures that European projects hit the sweet spot where innovations are not only technically feasible but also create solutions that people genuinely desire while being economically viable. Thus, offering that well-needed edge the European Commission seeks when selecting projects. We make sure that new technical innovations are solving a problem and meet a potential market demand to begin with. 

We meticulously analyze the feasibility of each project, employing continuous analysis and leveraging our knowledge in business development, while activating our extensive network of European SME’s and corporates. At the same time, we emphasize desirability, understanding user needs and preferences, and co-creating solutions that resonate with them. Finally, we assess viability, making sure the project aligns with market dynamics and is financially sound. 

Moving from Exploration to Exploitation through two-way engagement

Sound isn’t just about conceptualization; about turning ideas into reality. Our journey from exploration to exploitation involves thorough research, in-depth analysis, and active engagement with people and the market.  

We invite stakeholders to co-create value propositions, understand their pain points, and collaborate on user-centric solutions and business models that translate ideas into successful products and services based on state-of-the-art technical developments. 

Because we are placed so firmly in the corporate landscape, we not only are able to identify market needs for European projects from this segment but are able to offer them technical and innovation insights from the European R&D sector as well. This two-way engagement offers both sides benefits. It offers the Research institutes and universities access to what is happening in the corporate world and what their current and future needs are, while offering corporates insights in what new technical developments are being worked on and how they can utilize these exponential technologies. 

Impact Maximization and Work Package Leadership

Sound has a track record as an expert in maximizing the impact of European funded projects. 

Sound is experienced in navigating the intricacies of Horizon Europe and EIC application processes, and we pride ourselves in significantly impacting the success of the funding proposals through the multiple perfect scores we’ve received for the Impact Sections we’ve written by proposal evaluators of the European Commission. 

Our team consists of experts in creating solutions that fit the needs of users, customers, and the market. As such we excel in creating user-centric solutions that are not only technically sound but also highly valuable in the real world, ensuring your project has the impact it deserves. 

Moving from Exploration to Exploitation through two-way engagement

Sound is currently involved as Work Package lead on Impact Maximization in two Horizon Europe projects; XReco and Presence. In these projects Sound is, in general as WP lead, responsible for maximizing the impact of projects through exploitation, dissemination, and communication by collaborating with consortium partners to deliver the agreed results from a market perspective. In these projects Sound in particular focusses on market analysis, innovation transfer and joint exploitation strategies through Human-Centered Design and co-creation. 


XReco, a project co-funded by the European Union under the Horizon Europe program, began in 2022 with the aim of integrating XR content into various industries. We're focused on creating a seamless and permissioned data-driven ecosystem that enhances content access for media creators through innovative data monetization and rights management policies.
In pursuit of our goals, we utilize AI and neural technologies for the creation and (re-)use of text, 2D, and 3D assets. Our efforts include developing AI-based media transformation services like 3D neural reconstructions, neural-based device localization, image stitching, de-/re-lighting, and holoportation. Ultimately, we aspire to simplify the XR content creation process, providing improved access to content for distributors, consumers, and creators though the creation of an ecosystem.


PRESENCE aims to transform human-to-human and human-machine interactions in virtual environments by providing new digital XR technologies that will bridge the digital-physical divide. Through multidimensional psychophysical experiences, based on three pillars of intertwined emerging technologies (holoportation, haptics and virtual humans), PRESENCE will be able to bring innovative solutions to the corporate, training, heritage, tourism, and health industry. Ingredients which all potentially have a long-term positive impact on European science, technology, economy and environment.

How Sound Fits Your Needs for European funded projects

Sound has a proven track record of delivering results that resonate with stakeholders in projects such as VRTogether, XReco and Presence. We are dedicated to addressing user requirements, identifying customer demands, and aligning with market dynamics. 

What Sound offers:

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