Sound did not sit still in the grogginess of the New Year. In addition to the work we do for our clients, we have also improved a lot behind the scenes during the first month of 2022. At the end of 2021 we started a process to obtain the NEN 4400-1 certification, and we succeeded! We have had our administration, personnel procedures and our contracts certified by an external party. 

What is NEN?

The NEN 4400-1 certification is intended to make hiring in labor and outsourcing work fraud-proof. This limits the risk for the client. By obtaining the certification, you demonstrate as a temporary employment agency or subcontractor that you meet your obligations. You can think of, among other things: 

– The declaration and payment of wage tax, turnover tax and social insurance premiums.

– The administrative processing of identity documents and performing identity checks and checking whether someone is entitled to work in the Netherlands.” 

Why NEN for Sound?

Sound wants to be a reliable and stable partner for its customers. This includes an adequate and high-quality organization of the personnel. We are convinced that Sound has organized this well. The NEN certificate is a confirmation of this, and we attach great importance to having this tested on a regular basis. We do not miss an opportunity to improve ourselves. 

What does our certification mean for you? 

The NEN certification is proof of the quality of our organization and a promise of quality to you, our (potential) clients. Our way of working and documentation means that all important documents, such as contracts, datasheets, or memorandums, that we work on are stored in a central location and we guarantee that we meet our obligations to our personnel.

Future ready

At Sound, we are constantly looking at how we can further improve ourselves in the field of ethics, both now and in the future. We do this both by meeting the requirements that exceed the statutory requirements of our certifications, and by consulting internally and externally and questioning existing assumptions and habits. 

In this way we stay up to date with the modern way of working and ethical business. 

Want to know more?

Does a NEN certification also sound like something to you, do you want to know more, or do you want to see what we can do for your processes and/or operational excellence? Please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to help you!