KPN: Workplace Workshop


KPN is a Dutch provider of telecom and IT services and provides consumers landlines, mobile connections, internet, and TV. They also provide complete telecom- and IT services for the business market. As the telecom market stabilized in the Netherlands years ago, IT services are important to KPN for growth. The relatively new proposition ‘Workplace’ is one of those services where IT and Cloud services are combined and has the potential to help KPN grow their business. 

Insights 'Workplace' proposition

KPN asked Sound to organize a workshop with clients to understand what they exactly need and want from a ‘Workplace’ proposition. What is important for a business to create workplaces for their employees? What does the decision-making process look like when choosing a workplace provider? Who are the decision-makers? The clients, both existing and potential clients, are organizations with between 100 and 1000 workplaces. 

Customer interaction can be extremely valuable to gain useful insights. Hence it was important for KPN to speak to clients directly and use their input to redefine their ‘Workplace’ proposition. 

What did the KPN Workplace workshop look like?


To a wide group of potential and existing clients from KPN, we presented the Sound ‘Eye Opener’ presentation in KPN’s Digital Dutch Xperience event space in Zoetermeer. This space is used by KPN to organize tailor-made sessions for companies and organizations to help them take the next step in their digital transformation.

The ‘Eye-Opener’ is a presentation about the ‘Future of Work’: which different technologies do we know (for example the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, or the use of robots in businesses) and how can this impact an organization and the way their employees will work in the near future? What do we mean by data-driven working? How can data help an organization to help its clients better? 

‘Workplace in a box’

A few weeks after the ‘Eye-opener’ presentation, we organized a workshop with five of KPN’s potential and existing clients. We invited three participants per client: 

  • one employee from the HR team; 
  • one employee from the IT team; 
  • One employee from the buying team. 

We believed these three departments, each with their own specific needs, are specifically important in the decision-making process of choosing a Workplace provider. During the workshop, we mixed up the clients and we grouped the participants per working area. 

During the workshop ‘Workplace’, teams were focused on their future way of working. Each team used a canvas to describe their ideal workplace, covering the proposition and the decision-making process. Each team had to pitch their ideal proposition, which gave KPN an extremely valuable insight into their client’s decision-making process and what they value as the key benefits and features of an ideal workplace.  

We organized this workshop three times in total. 


KPN valued the conversation with clients during the three workshops Sound organized. Their interaction with existing and potential customers gave them the insights needed to redefine the Workplace proposition. 

These workshops helped KPN to understand there are different Decision Makers in an organization, each with specific needs, and all of them need to be part of the customer journey. KPN needs to focus on all the different Decision Makers to be able to offer a workplace product that meets all the needs.


Feel free to reach out to us if you would like to hear more about how we can help your business.