POSTNL: Digital in a Day

PostNL is one of the largest postal companies operating in the Benelux; their core business is the efficient delivery of post. Like any other postal company, PostNL is dealing with a decline of the traditional postal business and a steep growth of the parcel business. The impact of new technologies and digitization is enormous. Together with PostNL Sound developed a customized workshop to increase awareness of the impact of digital among employees of PostNL.

Create digital awareness in the business

The goal of ‘Digital in a Day’ is to create digital awareness amongst the participants to help develop a digital and data-driven way of working. We created the workshop ‘Digital in a Day,’ tailor-made for PostNL, focusing on inspiration, innovation, digital insights, and bringing together people and technology.

Technology focus: Eye Opener and workshop ‘press release’

‘Digital in a Day’ starts outside-in, presenting future trends and offering inspiration. We explore the future of new technologies like Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and Robotization and the impact on PostNL and the participants. After the Eye Opener participants collaborate in teams to write a press release on a new proposition that PostNL will bring to the market in 5 years’ time. The goal is to be creative and think outside the box and to create a story to sell the idea. 

People focus: impact on daily life

The impact of technology on people can be overwhelming. The afternoon program is therefore focused on the impact on people and the participants’ daily lives. Rogier van Kralingen, author of The Outerweb shows the ‘dark side’ of technology and how to deal with that. In the last part of the day, participants learn how to apply data in their daily work. From proposition to prototype: which data is needed, how can you learn from customer feedback, which data will be gained using the prototype, how will this new proposition affect employees’ daily work lives, how is success measured, and so on. With an average participant score of 8 ‘Digital in a Day’ was very successful for PostNL and Sound.

“The most important thing for me today is to create curiosity amongst the employees and to start using this curiosity and knowledge in their daily work.”

“It was a real eye-opener for me.”
“Very inspiring workshop. Interesting to learn more about the future of work.”


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