Tech Inspired. People Driven.

We translate tech into business. Develop products and services by focusing on your people.

We are Sound

We are a team of seasoned experts in building and improving products & services in vital infrastructure sectors. Our goal is to spark growth and inspiration, fostering progress while maintaining a balance between run and change within your organization. 

Our commitment ensures lasting impact that is embedded into your organization. We inspire, engage and empower your organization to be Sound. 

Tech Inspired. People Driven. 

What we do

Strategy &
Business development

Developing new strategic roadmaps and business cases. Develop sales approach and distribution partnerships Accelerate new revenue and build new markets and business units. Eye Openers to improve insights into new innovations. Change management, Leadership & (agile) coaching.


Build new digital products and accelerate revenue​. Marketing (communication) management and proposition development​. Product owners that help teams to focus and deliver in an agile/ lean way of working. Discover the value of new innovations with “x in a day” workshops.


Reliable project management by senior project managers. Regular reports and consultations prevent escalations. Always transparent and predictable.​ Able to relate Microsoft applications to practical business needs and daily practice. Management of all stakeholders. From CEO to individual users and a broad experience within government and corporate environments, we improve customer experience and gain process efficiencies.

How we work


Inspire projects and teams to re-think their day-to-day approach. How can you make use of technology and improve efficiency and effectiveness. 


Our experienced generalists directly participate, engage teammembers, offer a hands-on approach, right balance between content and process.


We ensure a lasting change by superior hand-over, tools and working methods that will empower teams to keep on improving their way of working. 

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