X in a Day

X in a Day is an extensive single day program that helps build the future proof skills of your team. Expect to learn practical skills to embrace the digital economy. All in one day! By joining X in a Day we will inspire you, show you what the future holds, and how to apply what you’ve learned the very next day! We help you build the future now by making relevant use cases and associated experiments. Not only will you hear about the future, you will be doing it; X in a Day accelerates your team into the future!

Will what you did yesterday be sufficient for tomorrow?

We are currently experiencing some of the most rapid and significant technological changes the world has ever seen. Disruptive technologies are affecting every part of our private and professional lives. It is fundamentally changing the future of work, the way we create value in business, and the skills we need to remain competitive in the marketplace. Moreover, these changes are accelerating exponentially.

By applying our Sound model to X in a Day we make your team aware of the disruptive digital potential and inspire them to think about the future. After which we activate them to apply their new insights to real world cases and to learn by actual doing. Through X in a day they can adopt and execute actionable insights in every aspect of your work starting the very next day!

Digital in a Day

Digital in a Day helps participants reflect on their own work and to co-create an innovative future ready digital proposition that embraces the digital economy. People play an essential role in these technological changes. Understanding and embracing the exponential technologies will create new opportunities and allow these technologies to drive growth. For people, for organizations and for our society.

See the results we booked with our Digital in a Day program at PostNL here!

Ethics in a Day

Ethics in a Day helps participants to better understand the future of ethics and company ethics / During Ethics in a Day, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of the impact exponential technologies have on ethics. Do business ethics come into play as companies seek resilience against future crises? How is the increasing use of technology changing the way we interact with each other and deem what is right or wrong? We all want to do the right thing, but how do you train your employees in a safe environment where making the wrong choices does not have real life consequences? Our single day intensive ethics program helps participants to develop new skills and insights by actually making ethical choices in an interactive high pressure corporate environment.

Blockchain in a Day

Blockchain in a Day helps participants understand the impact blockchain has on everyday life and the future of trust. Furthermore use-cases are explored and discussed to inform and inspire participants as to what the limitless possibilities of blockchain entail. Participants will engage firsthand with blockchain during a simulation to experience and learn first hand how blockchain fastens, supports, and enhances decision making capabilities in an ever complex digital economy.

Through our X in a Day programs, decision makers are able to create a sense of urgency in their organization that helps employees embrace the digital economy. All the while building future proof skills by actually doing them. All in a single day!

Where IT cooperation used to be found in shared IT environments, Sound sees an increasing need to unbundle these shared IT environments (including shared Microsoft tenants and workplace equipment), between municipalities and other agencies. Security, information security and the need for greater flexibility are considerations here.
VRTogether aimed at radically improving the digitally augmented social experience by innovating how media formats are used
On its way to the digital future, the municipality of Zwartewaterland decided to join the SSC Ons, a Shared Service Center for municipalities in the surroundings of Zwolle and the province of Overijssel.
The organisation in this reference case asked Sound to make them the leader of the new hybrid working in the large corporate market. Hybrid working is the form in which employees of organizations and companies work partly at home and partly in the office.