Innovation Scout

In our innovation scouts you and your team will explore innovation in- and outside your business and learn about disruptive forces by field visits to the innovative frontrunners. You will learn what new technologies are driving growth and how to translate this new technology into opportunities by exploring best practices.

It is difficult to stay innovative. We gladly open our network and organize an office safari with innovation frontrunners to discover their principles and understand how they can be applied to your own market or organization. Truly grasping what these technologies can do for you will help you create the best new propositions and achieve your highest ambitions.

During the Innovation Scout you will be inspired, given practical examples that you can actually experience on the spot, shown best practices and be made aware of lessons learned by fellow professionals and entrepreneurs that are on the cutting edge of their market. 

As such Sound takes you on an innovation roadtrip to companies that are at the forefront of technological development and are disruptive in their market. We’ll conclude with a concrete roadmap that helps you with the next steps you need to make to move to a digital fit tomorrow.

The Sound Innovation Scout ensures that you;

  • Develop insights
  • Collect best practices
  • Explore directions and opportunities
  • Inspire your team to get started
  • Learn from the experience of thought leaders
Where IT cooperation used to be found in shared IT environments, Sound sees an increasing need to unbundle these shared IT environments (including shared Microsoft tenants and workplace equipment), between municipalities and other agencies. Security, information security and the need for greater flexibility are considerations here.
VRTogether aimed at radically improving the digitally augmented social experience by innovating how media formats are used
On its way to the digital future, the municipality of Zwartewaterland decided to join the SSC Ons, a Shared Service Center for municipalities in the surroundings of Zwolle and the province of Overijssel.
The organisation in this reference case asked Sound to make them the leader of the new hybrid working in the large corporate market. Hybrid working is the form in which employees of organizations and companies work partly at home and partly in the office.