Crisis Management

We get things done where others fail. Our Sound experts swoop in to solve immediate operational challenges. We shine in uncertain and complex situations where chaos is the status-quo. Through our experience and methodology we can implement strategies to get things done until recovery and normalization of the situation is achieved. That is Sound operational excellence!

A crisis always comes unexpectedly. Paradoxically, however, the work of a Sound crisis manager consists precisely of good preparation and a well thought off method. Transparent communication in a predictable rhythm to the all various levels of the organization and the customer is key. Focused problem-solving and focused communication needs to be separated in execution but on the other hand continuously connected. This connection and the management of the crisis is what Sound offers, with a central motto: “We don’t know how, but it will be done by tomorrow”.

Rest assured, with Sound Crisis Management, we take ownership of a seemingly chaotic situation and ensure that you will sleep Soundly again tonight! 

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KPN is a Dutch provider of telecom and IT services and provides consumers landlines, mobile connections, internet, and TV. They also provide complete telecom- and IT services for the business market. As the telecom market stabilized in the Netherlands years ago, IT services are important to KPN for growth. The relatively new proposition ‘Workplace’ is one of those services where IT and Cloud services are combined and has the potential to help KPN grow their business.
In 2020 Citius Fiber, a new player on the glass fiber player, launched. The brand stands for reliable and affordable access to internet, TV and (landline) telephony. Together with BAM Infra Telecom, Citius Fiber started developing a glass fiber network in Prinsenbeek in 2020, with the goal to give 5.000 households access to Gigabit internet. Citius Fiber and BAM Infra Telecom were responsible for the (technical) preparation, building permits, financing, and the development and maintenance of the network.
PostNL is one of the largest postal companies operating in the Benelux; their core business is the efficient delivery of post. Like any other postal company, PostNL is dealing with a decline of the traditional postal business and a steep growth of the parcel business. The impact of new technologies and digitization is enormous. Together with PostNL Sound developed a customized workshop to increase awareness of the impact of digital among employees of PostNL.
The retail market is an always changing, fast moving market, requiring its’ players to be adaptable and future-proof. Focusplaza is a food and DYI-retail member organisation. They select the most insightful developments and trends and organise inspiring events, informative workshops and study-trips abroad for their members.
Where IT cooperation used to be found in shared IT environments, Sound sees an increasing need to unbundle these shared IT environments (including shared Microsoft tenants and workplace equipment), between municipalities and other agencies. Security, information security and the need for greater flexibility are considerations here.
VRTogether aimed at radically improving the digitally augmented social experience by innovating how media formats are used