Strategy Development

Sound helps you create a strong vision for your business. In 50 days we develop a clear vision on future technology developments in your business, and challenge your current objectives and innovations through this new perspective. This agile program delivers a coherent and validated digital strategy, a Sound innovation roadmap, and a practical way forward.

We help organizations to develop new strategic roadmaps to adopt future ready technology in an iterative and sprint-sized format. We give you a competitive advantage by defining your underlying digital (data) strategy that will enhance customer and employee experience, enable growth and prepare your organization for further realization of your digital potential.

Our strategy development programme helps to envision and convert strategic goals to reality by:

  • Clarifying your vision.
  • Gathering and analyzing information through our Digital Maturity Scan to identify the state of the business and your employees,
  • Formulating a data-informed strategy,
  • Strategy implementation and testing in sprints,
  • Strategy monitoring through internal and external evaluation,
  • Analyzing the impact of your new strategy.

Sound helps you build your future-company better and quicker through our strategy development programme. Contact us now!

Where IT cooperation used to be found in shared IT environments, Sound sees an increasing need to unbundle these shared IT environments (including shared Microsoft tenants and workplace equipment), between municipalities and other agencies. Security, information security and the need for greater flexibility are considerations here.
VRTogether aimed at radically improving the digitally augmented social experience by innovating how media formats are used
On its way to the digital future, the municipality of Zwartewaterland decided to join the SSC Ons, a Shared Service Center for municipalities in the surroundings of Zwolle and the province of Overijssel.
The organisation in this reference case asked Sound to make them the leader of the new hybrid working in the large corporate market. Hybrid working is the form in which employees of organizations and companies work partly at home and partly in the office.