SSC ONS: Digital future of the municipality of Zwartewaterland


On its way to the digital future, the municipality of Zwartewaterland decided to join the SSC Ons, a Shared Service Center for municipalities in the surroundings of Zwolle and the province of Overijssel.

SSC Ons asked Sound to realize this technical, but especially also organizational and people change. Sound’s experience with the implementation of Office 365 within SSC Ons itself gave us the confidence to have Sound execute the project management of the onboarding of the ICT services of the Municipality of Zwartewaterland.


The project was launched in early 2021 with a thorough scenario weighing and selection in the first phase. What is the best path to the digital future for the municipality? Immediately move to the cloud with the workplace and housing & hosting or first to the current proven on-premise environment of SSC Ons? It was decided to onboard the existing SSC Ons on-premise environment, but to anticipate the future in the cloud as much as possible. For example, by basing the workplace for the employees on an Office 365 workplace.

Based on the chosen scenario, the project is now in the design- and build phase. The aim and planning are to carry out the actual IT transition in Q4 2021.

Parallel to this technical process, a business change was also implemented in Q1 under the direction of the Sound project manager. The IT incident and change process was redesigned in close cooperation with all stakeholders. After an extensive and careful business implementation, the Service Desk SSC Ons went live on March 29, 2021, for services to the municipality. Three months later, the conclusion is that this change has been successfully implemented and secured. The Self-Service Portal SSC Ons is used as intended and desired by the employees of the municipality as the primary channel for making reports. This makes it an example for the existing partners (municipalities and provinces) of SSC Ons!


The results achieved so far by Sound are as follows:

  1. Establish project plan technical and business implementation
  2. Design and transition plan iteratively established and approved
  3. Service desk services live
  4. Transition mobile telephony (140 subscribers) to SSC Our contract with bulk porting to another telecom provider
  5. Realization fiberglass connection Zwartewaterland and SSC Ons


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